Speck Shoot: FALL IN LOVE

The last few days were spent outdoors on set of a speck commercial for the Dodge Challenger (shot on real film). We had rain, sun, wind, snow, cold and warmth; I went home with a sunburnt face. YET IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! I met a great crew of professionals who graciously volunteered their time to help out a friend.

Director: Sorrel Ahlfeld, AD: David Schmüdde, Producers: Kathryn Henderson, Patrick Christl, DP Robert Arnold. Actors: Rosa SanMarchi, Adam Soule and officer Andy Lago

Big shout out to Kathryn Henderson for bringing me on set and for coordinating the BEST Craft Services on earth (this is no exaggeration). Check these guys out: Fare Adventures, Inc. The food had the flavor of experience and passion. RAVE applause!



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