Essie Nail Polish Review

Essie Nail Polish Review

Essie Nail Polish Review

On a whim I purchased two nail polishes by Essie. I must admit that I was super impressed and decided that Essie’s “Mint Candy Apple” and “Lapis of Luxury” nail polishes deserved a review. If I had to coin an expression to fit my emotional response to these nail polishes, it would be “artistic expression”.

My Review:

I admit I’m a sucker for mint greens and pastels this season. Just add a little hint of coral from last summer, and lemme tell ya, I am in color heaven! The hues are rich and very shiny; “Mint Candy Apple” has just enough blue to make it not too earthy with just the right amount of white to make it pop. “Lapis of Luxury” has a great balance of purple, blue, and gray to make it the perfect color for Summer.

At first coat I was a little concerned the application wouldn’t be opaque to my expectations, but, I was pleasantly surprised as the second coat managed to do the job. Not only are both polishes pretty, I was really shocked at how quickly these colors dried. After adding a quick dry/cuticle oil for safety, I was happy to see the color hold without any dulling. I highly recommend checking these two colors out, by themselves or together.



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