Color Theory & Makeup

I was an art student in high school and college and it is no surprise that I became a makeup artist. Color theory is a subject too large to condense into a few paragraphs, therefore, this post is dedicated to the essential and fundamental understanding of how an artist applies color theory to cover up those pesky dark circles underneath thr eye.

As a makeup artist I am required to even out the skin using a color that matches an individuals skin tone. Sometimes a client will have a darker and undesirable color underneath the eyes that cannot simply be covered up with a foundation or concealer, despite all efforts to layer and powder the products. This is when the game plan changes and I correct the undertone with a complementary color. To do this, I must recognize the underlying hues and correct via complementary or contrasting colors.

For example, if I want to correct skin condition such as Rosacea (a chronic skin condition involving inflammation that appears as redness, spider-like blood vessels and/or swelling), I will choose a concealer that contains yellow and green properties to counteract the redness. In other words, green and red make brown and voila! a desirable result.

Here’s another example: let’s say you are darker skin toned and have a gray/blue undertone beneath your eyes. The opposite color of blue on the color wheel is orange. So you grab your orange corrector and amazingly the gray/blue disappears!

Now that you have learned how to correct undesirable color underneath the eyes, let’s say you’re not comfortable layering corrective color and concealers. My suggestion is to try a brand called amazing cosmetics. This concealer ROCKS and is used by celebrities and celebrity makeup artists for the best coverage and easiest application. All you need to do is pat a little product in the corner of the eye and move it towards the lid and under eye. Do not place product under the entire under eye area or else you will look like a raccoon! Visit their website for a tutorial or click here. Amazing Cosmetics is located in Libertyville or available at Sephora.

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