Bridal Trial

Bridal Trial Runs

You’ve decided that you want to look flawless for your wedding day and will hire a professional hair stylist and makeup artist to execute the job. It is important that you look your best and the additional cost of a bridal trial will prove to make your day run a little more smoothly. Here’s some advice:

– Test-drive the artist –

You wouldn’t buy an expensive car without taking it for a spin. Your artist should be clean, punctual, and organized. In addition, your artist should be patient, a good listener, friendly, and skilled. Most importantly, a professional should be able to adjust to your preferences.

– Wear your bridal trial hair and makeup for a few hours –

Notice if your look will last an entire day of pictures, hugs, dancing, and kisses.  If you have the time, consider using a professional for your engagement photos, engagement party, or wedding shower.

– Make sure you look and feel like yourself –

Sometimes a bride has a tendency to want their makeup heavy with a lot of dazzle. They feel it is their one and only day to look super glam. Be careful, you want to avoid looking overdone.  Your look should be timeless. Play dress up another day.

– Know your theme –

Do you want to look beachy casual or channel something from the 1940’s era? Don’t know your theme? Find pictures that appeal to you in bridal magazines or Pinterest. A professional hair stylist will help you decide which look is best for your hair density, length, and texture. They can also offer to cut, color, or add extensions to your hair before, during or after your wedding trial. A professional makeup artist can help you choose the best makeup look as well.

– Simplicity is best –

You want to flatter your natural beauty, not draw attention to one aspect of your look. In other words, the hair, makeup, and dress should look like a natural part of YOU. If you want your hair to look elaborate and ornamental, consider working that into the back of the hairstyle. Just note that if your wedding dress has a lot of decoration in the back, consider toning down the hair intricacies so that there is some balance in the look. You paid a lot of money to wear that dress for one day, don’t confuse the audience.

– A bridal trial run allows you the time to work out the details –

It is here you will finalize the hair accessory style, the accessory placement, and possible haircut/color recommendations.

– Schedule your bridal trial 7 -8 weeks prior to your wedding day –

Allow at least 3 hours to execute the trial for both hair and makeup. If you have a bridal trial for only hair or makeup, expect the appointment to run about an hour and a half. You do not want to rush the consultation or the artist. Your trial will ultimately prepare all parties for quicker execution on your wedding day.

– Bring a friend who will give an honest and objective opinion –

Please only bring one person with you to the trial run. It’s a fun and exciting experience yet you don’t want to lose focus on the task because you have a wild audience.

– Make sure the artist takes notes! –

Make sure the artist writes notes about the products used. They should take a picture for their reference as well. At the closing of the bridal trial you should receive a contract and go over scheduling details.

– Dress comfortably and EAT something prior to the bridal trial –

Sitting with an artist for up to three hours means that your blood sugar will likely be low. Bring a snack or eat well enough so that you can be totally present and focused. Wear comfortable clothes and a shirt that somewhat mimics the neckline of your dress. Also realize that you will look less ‘made up’ once you are wearing your beautiful wedding dress!

– Relax and have fun! –


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