Trial Run With My Makeup Team

Today Jeni, Jen and Jessica will tear it up with makeup! The plan is to make a white faced clown, and aged hobo clown, and a bearded lady. Pictures to follow!

Work on a Student Film


It was a pleasure to sacrifice sleep and provide light hair and makeup services to the production of Remy and John, LLC, a short film directed by Anthony Pisaneschi, produced by Mike Free.

I hope to work with some of the people I met on set in the near future.

Mentorship with Hold Hands Chicago

Today was a good day! I was a guest speaker at a luncheon at Lux Bar in Chicago for Hold Hands Chicago. The basic message was that it doesn’t matter what you choose to do for a living; as long as you follow your heart, the money will follow.

Show up, dress up and love your work and those around you.

Qlix Magazine Launch Party Event Styling


I had the distinct honor of putting together a look for a model that was presented at the Qlix Magazine launch party. The experience was pretty interesting. While I did not have time to attend the event, I did meet some cool people. For example, while waiting in the lobby  I met some gents from Kansas who are starting their own talent agency. They were searching for tall male talent with Native American features… Call me when you find this man for both their and my sake. I also had the opportunity to prepare the model in Manny B’s studio on the 26th floor of the Hancock building.  I hear he is a remarkable private jeweler who caters to clients in the Lady Gaga strata.  All-in-all, the experience made me feel like I had been a part of something special. I am excited for Qlix Magazine and I look forward to working with them again.

Photo Shoot With Jordan From ANTM

I had the pleasure of doing both hair and makeup for House of Versatile Styles. The featured model, Jordan Rose Brzezinski, appeared on the television show AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL.

Photography: Daniel Kelleghan

Master Class with Nick Arrojo

Well, I’m excited! I will be at the Nick Arrojo master class

September 19th and 20th in Chicago!



Work on Feature Film “Shakey”

I had the pleasure to work as the Key Hair Stylist for the feature film, “Shakey”.

We wrapped yesterday and I couldn’t be happier with the results. It is a gift to add depth to characters via shapes and textures within the hair. The film is expected to release in September of 2011.


Suburban Chicago News

Daily Herald

Suburban Chicago News

WCF Courier

Suburban Chicago News

The Twenty-Second Coming (48 HFP, Chicago 2010)

I had the opportunity to be a part of a 48 hour film festival team 8/22/10.

Click to watch:

The Twenty-Second Coming [48HFP, Chicago 2010] from Ali on Vimeo.

Team: The Guacamole Conspiracy

Winner: Audience Choice Award, Group D Screening (8/19, 8:30pm)

Festival Info:

Joel Sacramento

Scott Feigen

Matthew Wright

Karisa Bruin

Production Design:
Steven Burritt

Ali Weiss

Terry Jun

Music Composers:
Muhammad Yasir Burney
Matthew Scott

Chris Calandro

Boom Operator:
Radcliff Browniepoint

Jennifer Lee Johnson

Jarod Officer

Karisa Bruin: Denise Kerrey
Chris Gutierrez: Mr. King
Terry Jun: Lilo
Claudio Cortes: Jesus
Judi Schindler: Mother Mary
Radcliff Browniepoint: Neighbor
Rory Fanning: Bartender

Elli Brodsky
Yasir Burney
Steven Burritt
Marie Hamelle
Christine Harrell
Cristin McAlister
Jerod Officer
Matthew Scott
James Vickery
Matthew Wright

Hair and Makeup work on Feature Film

For the month of August, I am working as the Key Hair Stylist and Makeup Assistant for a film called “Shakey”.

Schafer Wedding


I had the honor to celebrate and style the wedding between Mike and Sarah Schafer this weekend in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Sarah, her mother, and her bridesmaids were beautiful and such a pleasure to hang out with. I wish Sarah and Mike happiness in their marriage to each other.