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I was asked by Lourdes Gutierrez to offer a few words about my career as a freelance artist. Lourde’s intent is to showcase artists who are professional, work hard to perfect their craft, and are willing to join a conversation about their business without an ego. Click here to read it!



Water Skincare Hair & Makeup

We all know the importance of water to our bodies. Water has remarkable healing capabilities and is necessary for virtually every bodily function including circulation, digestion, absorption, and the elimination of toxins. Water is great for the skin (and ultimately it’s ability to accept makeup). It’s no big surprise that water is KING and the healthiest drink for you.

On an average day, your body loses about 10 cups of water through various bodily functions including perspiration. Therefore it is recommended that everyone should consume at least 6 – 8 cups of pure water a day. Most tap water is loaded with toxins so drinking pure water is crucial (purified, filtered, spring or distilled water). If you’re active, add a few more cups. A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces. If you drink caffeinated beverages or alcohol, which are very dehydrating, add two glasses of water for every cup of caffeinated or alcoholic beverage you drink. Make sure you are drinking enough liquids to keep your systems running smoothly! Not drinking enough water can dehydrate the intestines and ultimately the skin! If you want more information about water read THE DETOX SOLUTION by Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald. There are a ton of books that discuss the benefits of water to your body. Pick one up, they are quite eye-opening.

I often ask my clients to increase their water intake. The response to my request is always “I know I should and it’s so hard!” I sympathize with my clients because I share in the same struggle. I KNOW my request is easier said than done! It is daunting to look at a giant jug without fears if endless trips to the restroom and a Chapstick laden rim.

Here are a few tricks that help increase water intake:

Make it easier to sip water all day by setting a full glass on your desk or counter each morning – Select a glass that is appealing to you, and refill it during breaks or after emptying it.

Designate spots around your kitchen counter or desk that correlate to the number of glasses you have had. For example:

Glass 1- edge of counter
Glass 2- to the right of glad one
Glass 3- stage left of counter and of glass 2
Glass4- center of stove-top
Glass 5- stage right of stove on counter
Glass 6 – center of counter top stage right of stove
Glass 7 – edge of counter top stage right of stove
Glass 8 – near the coffee maker

With this method I always know how many glasses I have had. I don’t need to think about it or write it down. The placement of the glass tells me how much I have consumed.

It is important to sip, not CHUG, the water. If you chug the water, your body won’t have time to absorb it and you will notice frequent trips to the bathroom and constant pressure on your bladder. Sipping water affords more efficient absorption and less stress on the system. Initially, you will notice more frequent urination. As your body adjusts to its new level of hydration, the water will be absorbed more efficiently into the tissues and you will have a healthy number of trips to the restroom.

When beginning the process of increasing water intake, a common situation is not getting the full amount for the day. Don’t try to get it all in at the last minute. Your sleepy time will be spent cursing water as you shuffle to the bathroom. To avoid this, start the process of drinking water as soon as you wake up. Have a full glass of water upon arising (make that a cup of hot water with lemon and you’ll be cleansing your liver too, yay!), another one before breakfast and another one before leaving for work. This habit will make it easier to increase you intake.

I find this method easy and effective; I can do this anywhere. If my method doesn’t work for you, figure something that works for YOU. I would love to hear your opinions. Feel free to connect with me on my Facebook page by leaving a comment about how you intake enough water throughout the day.

In conclusion, when your body is hydrated more efficiently, drinking enough water becomes second nature. The benefits are tremendous! Just remember: Consistency breeds habit.


Why Choose Airbrush Makeup?

Today’s high definition (HD) cameras “see” in layers and demand a better makeup application that looks natural. Gone are the days of low resolution displays mixed with impeccable lighting to achieve a “look”. As a result, makeup application has adjusted to the need for perfection and precision by relying on airbrush makeup techniques. Airbrush makeup provides a flawless, sheer, and natural result that is perfect for high definition close-ups.

Additional positive attributes for using airbrush makeup:

– Airbrush makeup is hygienic. The makeup is atomized, leaving little need to apply a brush to the skin. In addition, there is no possibility of product contamination between clients with the airbrush method.

– Airbrush makeup is fast to apply and can last all day without touchups. Most brides carry a few blotting sheets if they have a troubling “t-zone”.

– The airbrush is less disruptive to the skin. Sometimes a client with sensitive skin will experience breakouts after a traditional makeup application (with a brush) due to the release of sebaceous oils from the continuous pulling and tugging of the delicate skin. An airbrush makeup does not require a physical blending and is therefore less invasive.

– Best for covering of blemishes. Blemishes do not have pores. Conventional makeup requires the skins pores and texture in order to adhere properly. In contrast, airbrush makeup does not need pores and will adhere to any surface smoothly and will remain intact.

– The makeup is lightweight and does not rub off or transfer.

– Airbrush makeup does not need to be powdered heavily – allowing those pesky vellus hairs to remain undetected!

– Alcohol activated airbrush makeup is amazing in the covering of tattoos, spider veins, acne scars, and freckles – not that you would want your cute little freckles to disappear! Alcohol activated makeup is waterproof, smudge proof, and very long lasting. Please ask for a consultation. Prices are based off of the size of the tattoo.

Airbrush Makeup - Chicago


SAIC The WALK 2011

I volunteered makeup services to the School of the Art Institute in Chicago’s annual runway show (SAIC The Walk 2001).

Click here to watch a video of the show. 

Click for more information about SAIC







Style Down The Aisle Runway Event

Nothing like an August day celebrating brides!

Event: Style Down The Aisle

Images shot by Fig Weddings

Hair and Makeup provided by the Bridal Team Chicago

Images below are hairstyles I contributed to the event.

Runway Show: “A New Generation of Faces” with Factor/Chosen Models

ABTP readied the models for an annual runway show presented by Factor and Chosen. I had a blast and learned a ton.

Click this IMG to see a video Clip of the show: IMG_4611

Speck Shoot: FALL IN LOVE

The last few days were spent outdoors on set of a speck commercial for the Dodge Challenger (shot on real film). We had rain, sun, wind, snow, cold and warmth; I went home with a sunburnt face. YET IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! I met a great crew of professionals who graciously volunteered their time to help out a friend.

Director: Sorrel Ahlfeld, AD: David Schmüdde, Producers: Kathryn Henderson, Patrick Christl, DP Robert Arnold. Actors: Rosa SanMarchi, Adam Soule and officer Andy Lago

Big shout out to Kathryn Henderson for bringing me on set and for coordinating the BEST Craft Services on earth (this is no exaggeration). Check these guys out: Fare Adventures, Inc. The food had the flavor of experience and passion. RAVE applause!



Photo Shoot For TYK Pinup Calendar

TYK (Thought You Knew)

I happily volunteered my male grooming services to TYK in the production of their fund raising pinup calendar. The organization creates these calendars to raise money for Chicago Women’s Health Center [CWHC]. This shoot was fulfilling both personally and professionally. I met some wonderful Chicago talent and I am positive that we will collaborate again.

Melody and the Old Sock

Dark and lovely is the way this film rolls with it’s elegant script and magnificent production staff.

Ladie K Productions and Director Scott Williams have teamed together to put out this movie about a tough girl and her old sock.

I had the privilege of helping put together a team of makeup artists and hair stylists to make this magic happen! There were acrobats and puppeteers involved as well. What more could one ask for in a shoot.

Melody and the Old Sock

Melody Facebook Fan Page

The Fold’s “Neverender” Music Video… CHECK IT!

Give this music video a watch and listen. Directed by Michael Venezia. Videography by This Imagery

The FOLD\’s \”Neverender\”