AVEDA Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight Review

AVEDA Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight Review by Tokyo hair stylist and makeup artist Jennifer Lee Johnson

AVEDA Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight Review

At the time I write this review I am living in Tokyo, Japan. The air is very humid and it KILLS the texture of my hair. I decided to review  AVEDA’s Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight

How AVEDA describes this product:

progressively straightens curls with every use

  • As you blow-dry your hair, plant-derived fibers help create a locking layer to help hold your hair straight, day after day*
  • Organic cassava root helps form a barrier against intense humidity to help you forget about frizz
  • Straight styling becomes faster and easier

*After 5 consecutive applications of naturally straight, hair will stay straight for up to 3 washes. “

Manufacturers instructions:

Towel-dry your hair. Thoroughly apply naturally straight styling creme in sections and blow-dry. Flat-iron if you wish. 

My review: 

I started with clean towel dried hair and sectioned my hair into 4 quadrants (top, sides, and back).

After releasing a section I applied a nickel sized amount of product a few inches away from the scalp to the ends. *Be careful and do not put too much product near your roots or else your hair will be very flat to your head.

I then proceeded to blow dry on high settings using tension on a large metal round brush.

After drying each section my hair was noticeably heavier and obviously straighter, and shinier. I was really happy with it because my hair usually looks very frizzy even after a solid blow out and flat iron.

What I really like about this product is that it doesn’t require me to use extensive heat. My hair is very sensitive to heat and I avoid it as much as possible.

I also like this product because it doesn’t contain caustic ingredients. Other straightening methods (such as Keratin treatments or Brazilian Blowouts) realease gasses such as formaldehyde when applied. I rather not expose myself to these dangers!
The downside to this method of straightening (as opposed to a keratin treatment) is that it doesn’t last as long.

The upside is that it is more effective and long lasting than a regular blowout and flat iron. I will definitely keep using this product!

Where to buy and how much: 

You can purchase these products directly through AVEDA or any AVEDA concept salon. I paid $26 for a 5 oz tube.


after one applicatiom


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  1. Glad you tried it and liked it. I will be getting me some more: it’s been very humid here all week and more is expected!

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