Why Choose Airbrush Makeup?

Today’s high definition (HD) cameras “see” in layers and demand a better makeup application that looks natural. Gone are the days of low resolution displays mixed with impeccable lighting to achieve a “look”. As a result, makeup application has adjusted to the need for perfection and precision by relying on airbrush makeup techniques. Airbrush makeup provides a flawless, sheer, and natural result that is perfect for high definition close-ups.

Additional positive attributes for using airbrush makeup:

– Airbrush makeup is hygienic. The makeup is atomized, leaving little need to apply a brush to the skin. In addition, there is no possibility of product contamination between clients with the airbrush method.

– Airbrush makeup is fast to apply and can last all day without touchups. Most brides carry a few blotting sheets if they have a troubling “t-zone”.

– The airbrush is less disruptive to the skin. Sometimes a client with sensitive skin will experience breakouts after a traditional makeup application (with a brush) due to the release of sebaceous oils from the continuous pulling and tugging of the delicate skin. An airbrush makeup does not require a physical blending and is therefore less invasive.

– Best for covering of blemishes. Blemishes do not have pores. Conventional makeup requires the skins pores and texture in order to adhere properly. In contrast, airbrush makeup does not need pores and will adhere to any surface smoothly and will remain intact.

– The makeup is lightweight and does not rub off or transfer.

– Airbrush makeup does not need to be powdered heavily – allowing those pesky vellus hairs to remain undetected!

– Alcohol activated airbrush makeup is amazing in the covering of tattoos, spider veins, acne scars, and freckles – not that you would want your cute little freckles to disappear! Alcohol activated makeup is waterproof, smudge proof, and very long lasting. Please ask for a consultation. Prices are based off of the size of the tattoo.

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